Life Skills Proram

A structured and comprehensive educational initiative that aims to equip individuals with the essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to navigate the challenges of everyday life successfully.

Business Seals organizes a wide range of life skills workshops tailored to meet your beneficiaries’ needs. We aim to encourage individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs to identify their skills, talents and passions for the purpose of creating a sustainable source of income. We empower individuals on their journey to independence, food security, and self-sufficiency by promoting business ownership.

  Capacity Building

  Resource Management

  Building Credentials

  Leadership Training

  Financial Literacy

  Career Help

Life Skills Workshops

Business Seals' Life Skills Workshops are scheduled in partnership with organizations that operate in children and family services. Homeless shelters, food pantries, economic assistance programs, religious organizations, recovery ministries, case management, and pregnancy services can all benefit from our programs. Business Seals holds these informational workshops at partners’ location. Topics vary from entrepreneurship, capacity building, building credentials, financial literacy, resource management, leadership skills, setting smart goals, and career guidance.

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