About Business Seals

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Business Seals was birthed from a desire to encourage entrepreneurial achievement throughout the Midwest. We strive to give business owners the tools and training necessary for success. We understand that each stage of the journey present challenges and difficulties. It's our mission to clarify complexity, improve strategy and reduce risk. Entrepreneurs face a daunting task as they work to start and grow their business. Business Seals is here to offer a wide range of training, experienced mentoring and effective tools to help them along the way.

We Are Socially Responsible

Business Seals is committed to partner with any organization that operates in social and family services. We help individuals hit by hardships, adversities, abuse, violence, homelessness and challenges. We empower people through leadership training, capacity building, and life skills programs. Our goal is to give our clients the tools they need to improve not only their business but also their abilities as a leader and problem solver. Check out our Life Skills Programs' page for details on partnership opportunities Contact us today and let's discuss strategic partnerships to better serve your people!

About Our Founder

Deborah Dogba is a Business & Organizational Strategist and Advisor with a history of helping entrepreneurs, businesses and communities improve, grow and succeed. Born and raised in Togo (West Africa), she has traveled extensively and brings a unique and global perspective to leadership, business and entrepreneurship. Deborah brings extensive experience of over 15 years in program expansion & development. She is also skilled in process improvement, capacity building and organization positioning in government and the private sector.
She has a BS in Organizational Psychology and a BS in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Markets. She uses her leadership skills to serve on several boards to include of Le Jardin Familial, Global Partners in Hope, Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty, and Calistus Multiple Myeloma Foundation. Deborah is on a mission to empower, train, support, and bring viable solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.

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